Education & Clinical Excellence

Premier Ultrasound Services is a company committed to ensuring we have a team of skilled sonographers serving our patients and clients. We are a collective group of passionate individuals in the field of ultrasound and strive to assure that our team aligns with the principles of quality and competency that support the best clinical outcomes.

From initial competency reviews through continuing education, the Educational Program is committed to ensuring that the latest advances in ultrasound medicine are relayed to our staff; we are able to provide quality care to our patients, serve our clients well and help Sonographers feel confident in their work.

Our educational and quality assurance programs have been implemented to assure our patients and clients that Premier upholds the importance of providing quality care.  We use a state-of-the-art Learning Management & Performance Management System that hosts all of our educational content and training programs to ensure our sonographers are staying at the forefront of their clinical skills.

The learning management system houses material covering Obstetrics, Gynecology, Vascular and superficial structures, as well as programs that encompass customer service, teamwork, management development.

There are multiple educational tracks including:

  • Initial competency assessment

  • Updated protocols

  • On-going educational modules on new or emerging ultrasound techniques

  • Annual competency assessments, in coordination with the Performance Management Program

  • Educational modules related to quality assurance findings.

Our sonographers are notified of an updated protocol, educational module, and new protocols through Bridge as a notification on their smart phones. This notification process assures the sonographers don’t miss anything.

The Quality Assurance program has been implemented to be proactive vs. reactive ensuring quality imaging is being produced. Ultrasounds for each sonographer will be reviewed to make sure their imaging meets quality standards and protocols are being followed.

Ultrasound plays a key role in providing patients and physicians a tool in diagnostic medicine to make a better diagnosis for our patients. Our patients trust us to make sure they are being provided with great care and our clients trust us to provide an experienced team of sonographers that will aid in making the best diagnosis for their patients.