Why Partner with Premier

As a clinician, practice manager, or operations professional, you are pulled in many directions. In today’s complex healthcare environment, the delivery of cost-effective, reliable , and high-quality imaging can be a major challenge.

At Premier Ultrasound Services, we have solely focused on this process throughout our 25-year history. Our growth is directly attributed to our investment in the latest technology and education program.

We know that as you search for new ways to make your practice, clinic, or hospital more efficient and profitable, it comes down to one simple question. Who is the best resource for your ultrasound services? Premier Ultrasound Services is the answer.

Why should you partner with Premier?

  • Equipment, archiving, and reporting services are of the highest quality.
  • Purchase new equipment every 2-4 years at lower costs because we buy in volume.
  • Have an inventory of over 100 machines.
  • Responsible for maintaining every machine, so if a piece of equipment goes down, we will provide an immediate backup from our warehouse.
  • Provide Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) registered sonographers.
  • Structured our staffing model so that there is always coverage when needed.
  • Have Clinical Imaging Specialists (CISs) who are trained in multiple specialties to cover sick and vacation days when required.
  • Employ a Clinical Director of Education who is responsible for onboarding every new sonographer and providing training when needed.
  • Have a Maternal-Fetal Medicine (MFM) training program for our sonographers.
  • Costs are significantly lower without sacrificing quality.

We also offer our partners a Picture Archiving Computing System (PACS) and a structured reporting system that enables your patients’ images and reports to be interpreted and viewed remotely by a physician with access from anywhere. This allows our partners to choose whom they would like to interpret the ultrasounds – the doctors in their office, another doctor of their choosing, or you can access a number of the MFM and radiology groups that we partner with.

Partnering with Premier

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