Advanced Ultrasound Imaging and Staffing Services

Get superior ultrasound imaging quality, ergoniomic tools, and and flexible staffing to serve your patients with excellence.


Advanced Ultrasound Equipment

Discover our range of machines designed for accurate, high-quality imaging, We purchase ultrasound equipment in bulk from the most reputable manufacturers in the industry, enabling you to save money and get the tools that deliver exceptional performance and reliability.


Ultrasound Staffing Services

Access our pool of certified, skilled sonographers ready to meet your needs. Your clinical team will benefit from our flexible staffing services tailored to your scheduling, modality, and caseload demands. You no longer have to worry about covering shifts when a sonographer is sick or on vacation. We will handle it for you.


Ultrasound Equipment Maintenance

We are responsible for maintaining every ultrasound machine you buy from us. If a piece of equipment goes down, we will provide an immediate backup from our warehouse.

ultrasound equipment

Our Ultrasound Protocols Align With The Standards Of The Following Organizations:

Explore The Partnership Potential

Every relationship we foster is a meaningful partnership. Our flexibility allows us to tailor our services to meet your facility’s ultrasound needs.

Our Partnerships


For hospitals, we can offer multiple creative outsourcing models including options for inside your hospital facilities or outside in the community.

Physician Groups

For physician groups, we will help you deliver timely, professional imaging services for your patients within your office setting, offering a convenient, customized experience for both the ordering physician and the patient.

New Partnership Solutions

We are continually seeking new partner models that fit your ultrasound service needs. As the healthcare landscape rapidly changes, we are proactively seeking ways to forge new alliances. If you are not part of a hospital or physician group, we would love to hear your ideas for partnerships.

If you are a municipality, a corporation, or another type of organization, we would be interested in speaking with you about ways to contain healthcare costs while continuing to offer your employees the best choices in healthcare.