Ultrasound Staffing  & Equipment

Let us set up your hospital, clinic, or private practice with a highly trained ultrasound staff, along with state-of-the-art ultrasound machines.
  • Ultrasound equipment from the most reputable brands in the industry

  • Highly skilled, accredited sonographers to ensure the best patient care

  • Sonographer staffing and scheduling are managed for you, including vacations and sick time.

Since 1997, our solutions have transformed ultrasound staffing services in healthcare organizations across the United States. Fill out the form to schedule a no-obligation discovery call with a specialist today.


Hospitals, Clinics, and Practices Only

"We never have to worry about covering shifts when our sonographer calls out sick. Premier Ultrasound vastly improved our OBGYN care."

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Marie Benson

Ultrasound Supervisor

Your Ultrasound Staffing Needs Solved With Accredited Sonographers

Hiring ultrasound staff is expensive and time consuming. Let us lift the burden from your shoulders.

Not only will we provide accredited sonographers your team will love working with, we will also manage their schedules for you. When someone calls in sick or plans a vacation, we ensure their shifts are covered.

Our sonographers are committed to learning about the latest best practices and technological advancements. All sonographers have access to our education program and stay current as new courses are added.

You can rest assured you are working with some of the best trained sonographers in medicine today.

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Advanced Ultrasound Tech Education

We live by the importance of providing quality care, and our Sonographer Educational Program is a great example of this.

We use a state-of-the-art Learning Management & Performance Management System to ensure our sonographers have advanced clinical skills. This system offers material covering Obstetrics, Gynecology, Vascular and superficial structures, as well as programs focusing on customer service, teamwork, and management development. 

Ultrasound Machines

We maintain strong relationships and volume purchasing with some of the largest and most advanced imaging companies in the world. Let us help your clinic or hospital save money on upfront pricing on ultrasound equipment your team needs. Then, you will get accredited, experienced sonographers to support your prenatal ultrasound needs.


Scan Patients With Greater Accuracy & Efficiency

Put an end to frustrations with your ultrasound equipment. Poor image resolution, ergonomics, and equipment maintenance are common issues sonographers and physicians struggle with daily, resulting in turning patients away.

Our solutions will provide you with a state-of-the-art ultrasound machine from the most respected brands in the industry, allowing for efficient, accurate scans and uninterrupted workflows.

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