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How To Evaluate an Ultrasound Staffing Agency

How To Evaluate an Ultrasound Staffing Agency

The quality of ultrasound services at obstetrics and gynecology (OB-GYN) practices or hospitals directly impacts patient care, diagnostic accuracy, and operational efficiency. So, selecting a reliable ultrasound staffing agency is crucial for smooth healthcare operations.Finding an ultrasound staffing agency that matches the unique demands and standards of OB-GYN settings can be challenging. Not all agencies are the same, so you need to find one that provides tailored ultrasound staffing services while maintaining high standards of patient care.

Most ultrasound staffing agencies claim to offer certified ultrasound staff to meet specific practice needs. However, finding the right one requires careful evaluation of the agency's capabilities aligning with your practice requirements. 

Let's understand how to evaluate an ultrasound staffing agency that best serves your OB-GYN practice or hospital.

Define Ultrasound Staffing Needs at Your Practice or Hospital

To manage ultrasound services in your OB-GYN practice or hospital, you must understand your staffing requirements. You can start by assessing the volume and frequency of ultrasound procedures performed at your facility. Evaluate the number of ultrasound scans performed per day, week, and month to determine your staffing levels. 

For example, a sonographer covering an 8-hour shift may take up to 45 minutes per ultrasound scan. Considering breaks, this accounts for approximately 10 ultrasound scans daily, depending on the patient volume and ultrasound machine availability. Understanding such aspects of the workload can help you gauge your staffing requirements accurately.

Also, consider evaluating factors such as flexibility, specialization, and communication skills of the sonographers for your practice. Sonographers who are flexible in their scheduling and imaging abilities can promptly meet patient needs and deliver better care. They must have good communication skills to make patients feel comfortable and understood.

OB-GYN ultrasound requires specialized expertise beyond general imaging. It involves technical skills to operate the equipment and in-depth anatomical knowledge. Sonographers must understand the mother's reproductive anatomy and the baby's development during pregnancy. They must be able to interpret ultrasound images to assess the baby's growth and detect abnormalities. They must also perform specialized procedures like fetal biometry and Doppler ultrasound.

Defining and assessing these needs will help you identify an ultrasound staffing agency specific to your OB-GYN practice or hospital, ensuring enhanced patient care and operational efficiency.


Questions To Ask An Ultrasound Staffing Agency

Here are some questions to help you assess whether an ultrasound staffing agency is suitable for your practice or hospital:

  1. What certifications and qualifications do your sonographers possess? 
  2. How do you ensure effective communication and collaboration between sonographers and our staff?
  3. Can you accommodate our practice's unique scheduling needs? 
  4. What measures do you have in place to maintain quality standards in ultrasound services?
  5. Can you provide references or client testimonials?
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Criteria for Evaluating Ultrasound Staffing Services

Based on the above mentioned questions, consider the following criteria to evaluate ultrasound staffing services.

Expertise and Credentials

Look into the educational background, qualifications, certifications, and clinical experience of the sonographers provided by the ultrasound staffing agency. This will help you understand whether they meet your practice or hospital's healthcare standards.

Collaboration and Communication

Check whether the agency promotes teamwork and communication among its sonographers and your staff for effective patient care. Also, check if they offer training or guidance to enhance cooperation among staff and physicians.

Flexibility and Availability

Ask if the agency can accommodate your practice's scheduling needs for proper coverage and operational continuity. This can include staffing for after-hours, holidays, weekends, and emergencies.

Quality Assurance

Find out how the agency maintains high-quality ultrasound services, including training, quality assurance, and compliance with industry standards. Also, check how the agency performs background checks and verifies sonographer credentials.

Client Satisfaction

Request reviews, references, or client testimonials from the agency to check their reputation and reliability. Client feedback provides insight into the agency's performance and client satisfaction. It can help you assess and select an ultrasound staffing agency that aligns with your practice's requirements and expectations.

Evaluating the Reputation of Ultrasound Staffing Agencies

Researching the reputation of an ultrasound staffing agency within the healthcare industry can help you make an informed decision. To evaluate an agency's reliability and performance consistency, consider the following factors:

  • Response time or how quickly the agency responds to inquiries, staffing requests, or emergencies 
  • Quality and consistency in staffing to maintain patient care and workflow
  • Adherence to contractual agreements, shift schedules, and industry standards
  • Feedback from current or previous clients, such as practices, hospitals, or industry professionals, about their experiences with the agency 


What Does an Ultrasound Staffing Agency Cost?

Ultrasound staffing agencies generally offer different pricing models based on your staffing requirements, and most have a 13-week minimum contract. For short-term staff, they may charge hourly rates based on the hours the sonographer works. They may also charge per ultrasound scan or procedure. For long-term staffing needs, agencies offer contractual agreements or fixed-term contracts.

Investing in quality staffing solutions from an agency allows you to make informed decisions and hire sonographers aligning with your budget and long-term goals. It offers additional long-term benefits such as improved patient care, operational efficiency, and resource allocation. 

Hiring ultrasound staffing agencies also saves the cost of recruiting and training in-house sonographers. With qualified sonographers, you can build a reputation for reliable ultrasound services, enhancing the quality of care, patient satisfaction, and trust in your practice.


Before you hire ultrasound staffing services, consider evaluating the expertise and qualifications of the sonographers provided by the agency. Also, consider the agency's communication and collaboration capabilities, scheduling flexibility, compliance, and client feedback. These aspects will help you make an informed choice that matches your practice's standards.

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