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Understanding Your Patient’s Due Date And Dynamic Pregnancy Wheel

What Is A Pregnancy Wheel?

A pregnancy wheel has become a very popular way for pregnant women to determine their due date of delivery. Also known as a gestation calculator, it uses the first day of your last menstrual period to establish your due date. Not only does it tell you your due date, it also gives you information on important stages of your pregnancy.

How To Use A Pregnancy Wheel

On the pregnancy wheel there are many different spokes of various dimensions. The outermost spoke displays each month in the year. This is used to calculate your due date using the date of your last menstrual period. Other spokes include stages of antenatal development, such as screening and prenatal tests. A pregnancy wheel also points out where the first, second and third trimesters start and end.

Is The Pregnancy Wheel Accurate?

The pregnancy wheel is an accurate tool to determine the due date of a woman’s pregnancy, however, it depends on the woman knowing the exact first date of her last menstrual period and if her menstrual cycles are regular. There are many different types of pregnancy wheels that vary in the way they are made, which may cause some inconsistencies. However, any type of expected due date is always an estimate – it cannot guarantee the date you will be ready to have your baby! Your doctor will measure your pregnancy in terms of weeks, starting from the first day of your last menstrual period, not when you think you conceived. Although a pregnancy wheel is a good way to estimate giving birth, having a first trimester ultrasound (best at 7 weeks) is the most accurate method to determine your due date. Your doctor may adjust your due date based on these findings, such as an ultrasound result or the date of a fertility procedure. Accurately knowing your due date is important for both you and your doctor to assess your baby’s development and manage your care.